No man sees.

Am I speaking to you?!!?!
Fuck no
I just like to hear myself talk
been too long walking the walk
hand in hand with my slick thoughts
he’s a slippery bastard when he books himself solid
flaunt purported self-knowledge
while his hollow philosophy drift
but these contradictions don’t penetrate this exhaustion
and logical positions have a habit of self-glossing
tryna perform fission with katana and some hand speed
blind swordsman flailing fruitless at what no man sees.

What a venomous imposition of such seamless aesthetics
don’t bother clutching candles to your breast…
Glad of snarling syndromes ‘midst the verdant poetic
can’t distinguish fruitful foliage from the rest…

deflect this commotion that I style
affect my emotions with a failure to smile
unseat my confidence
shut my babbling mouth
I was never taught common sense
just listen to my dry bones rattling out.


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